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Used aviation and marine books will be added to this page on an irregular basis. The previous book page has been eliminated. A selection of rather rare books will be gradually included, each with illustrations of the book and its contents. These books have not been advertised here in the past. Good reading abounds!

These listings are kept up-to-date but there can easily be slipups so accuracy is probably about 95% as far as availability is concerned. Ordering info is on the bottom of this page and on "Products" page.

Missile & Space books can be found on the Missiles & Space page. Submarine books are on the Submarine page. A few model airplane books are located on the Vintage Model Kits page.


Translated from the French by Louise Morgan Sill
With an Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt

This is a first edition English copy of the well known WW1 book, Georges Guynemer - Knight of the Air, printed by the New Haven Yale University Press in 1918. But first, a little about the celebrated fighter pilot, Georges Guynemer.

This is Georges Guynemer's original SPAD S.VII, nicknamed "Vieux Charles", preserved at Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace at Le Bourget.

The following short biography is from

Georges Marie Ludovic Jules Guynemer (1894-1917) was one of France's highest scoring fighter pilots during World War One, achieving 54 victories prior to his death on 11 September 1917.

Born on 24 December 1894 in Paris, Guynemer was to become France's most popular and revered air ace of the war. He entered the air service in November 1914 as a mechanic before he received a pilot's brevet the following April.

As a member of the elite Storks squadron the somewhat frail looking Guynemer amassed some 54 victories until his death on 11 September 1917. As a self-described 'Boche hunter' he was a first-rate marksman shooting down four German aircraft on one day, 25 May 1917.

Ever seeking ways of improving the fighting efficiency of his aircraft, a SPAD S.VII, Guynemer attached a single-shot 37mm cannon to the machine in the summer of 1917, which fired through a hollowed out propeller shaft. He named the finished product his 'Magic Machine'. Surprisingly Guynemer managed to shoot down at least two German aircraft with the Magic Machine.

However the strain of continued aerial combat eventually wore down his constitution and chipped away at his combat abilities. As a consequence his death, shot down while attacking a two-seater Aviatik neat Poelcapelle (near Ypres), could not be regarded as a great surprise.

Having been awarded the Medaille Militaire, Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur and Officier de la Legion d'Honneur, Guynemer had previously been shot down seven times (out of approximately 600 combat missions) and survived.

The German authorities credited Kurt Wisserman of Jasta 3 with Guynemer's downing, although much of the French populace refused to acknowledge his death. His body was never found.

Theodore Roosevelt's Introduction in the book completes with this paragraph:

the air service in particular is one of such peril that membership in it is of itself a high distinction. Physical address, high training, entire fearlessness, iron nerve, and fertile resourcefulness are needed in a combination and to a degree hitherto unparalleled in war. The ordinary air fighter is an extraordinary man; and the extraordinary air fighter stands as one in a million among his fellows. Guynemer was one of those. More than this. He was the foremost among all the extraordidnary fighters of all the nations who in this war have made the skies their battle field. We are fortunate indeed in haaving you write his biography. Very faithfully yours, (Signed) Theodore Roosevelt.

This original hardcopy is a 1st Edition U.S., 256 pages. No dust jacket. 8vo. The book has shelfwear, rubbed spine, some soiling to covers, edgewear, broken corners, five illustrations including colored woodblock Frontispiece by Rudolph Ruzicka and four charcoal drawings by W.A. Dwiggins. Pages are bright with no spotting. The original owner's signature and address is on the front end page.. There is some text underlining by the owner. Hinges excellent.

This 1918 biography of an exceptional WW! Fighter pilot is priced at SOLD.

Nocturne Militaire, by Elliott White Springs, 1927 edition, will accompany the Guynemer book at no additional cost. This 284 page book has seven b&w illustrations by Clayton Knight and is 8vo size. Clean, with no markings, hardcover has corner bumps, fraying on spine top and bottom, some fading and no dust jacket. WW1 flying stories. Book is priced at SOLD if purchased separately.

MILITARY AEROPLANES by Grover C. Loening -1918

The 1918 first edition of Military Aeroplanes is a well known book with a sub-title of "An Explanatory Consideration of Their Characteristics, Performances, Construction, Maintenance and Operation." Grover Loening (1888-1976) was the first graduate aeronautical engineer in the U.S. and served as Chief Aeronautical Engineer, U.S. Army in 1914. Loening formed several airplane manufacturing companies including the Grover Loening Aircraft Company; he was responsible for many innovative designs and his numerous amphibian aircraft were widely used. Loening built aircraft from 1918 through 1931 and closed operations in 1938. You can access the list, with photos, of Loening airplanes by clicking here. Use the back arrow to return.

The National Intercollegiate Flying Association awards a Loening Trophy at their annual meets. I participated in a NIFA meet in 1951 as a member of the University of Minnesota team and was privileged to meet Grover Loening who gave a talk to the participant pilots at Norman, Oklahoma. Incidentally, William T. Piper was also at the meet as Piper Aircraft sponsored some events. The NIFA has been active since the 1920s; sadly, the U of M no longer fields a team but it is represented by a small branch of the University at Crookston, Minnesota.

Loening wrote a number of books on aviation subjects. This volume has 202 pages with many diagrams and photos; five fold-outs are included. The book pages are unmarked and bright with slight scuffing on top and bottom board edges and a light scuff mark on front. Would grade between VG and Fine. This book is a classic reference for the aviation industry of 1918. Every aviation library should include this first edition; available for only Sorry Sold.

REVOLUTION IN THE SKY by Richard Sanders Allen

The 1964 first edition of the valuable reference book on single-engine Lockheed airplanes spanning the years 1927 to 1937. Fifteen chapters, 222 illustrations and 3-views and specifications and thumbnail biographies of all aircraft in the single-engine series, along with "firsts", production charts, and special jobs are included in this extraordinary book.

The book measures 8" x 10 ¾" and has the original dust jacket. The spine top has slight scuffing, boards are bright with sharp corners and the interior is unmarked. The jacket, protected, has wear on top and bottom edges. The book condition would fall between "very good" to "fine." Price of this book is Sorry Sold.


A rare aviation reference book from 1931. The Foreword begins:

This book has been compiled to fill a long-felt need of the entire aviation industry for a complete handbook and reference guide. The purpose of the contents is to give in one volume pertinent, complete and heretofore not readily accessible information to the two classes of men who are the industry - those who fly, and those who, on the ground, are responsible for the construction, organization, and operation of aircraft and airlines.

For the former - the pilots, the student fliers, and those who intend some day to become fliers, this Handbook contains a complete text on Aerial Navigation, covering the latest developments in this field. Personally prepared by Lieut. Commander P.V.H. Weems and his able collaborators - the personnel of the Weems System of Aerial Navigation - this text comprises the complete Weems System of Aerial Navigation, which enjoys the distinction of being the first system on this subject to dispense entirely with higher mathematics, trigonometry, and logarithms. It presents the entire science of navigation in a non-technical, easily comprehensible manner, and will prove of inestimable value to student and pilot alike.

The book has 21 Mercator projection flying maps covering the entire country; there are 75,000 miles of plotted Magnetic Courses covering all official and non-official airways, both in tabulated form and printed on the maps. There is a "Blind Flying and Radio Bearing Flying" section, meteorology, Department of Commerce regulations, listing of all airports and emergency landing fields and a buyers guide. The book has 424 pages along with a map folder which contains all twenty-one flying maps. A true one-stop aviation guide dating to 1931.

This Handbook has the dual requisites of a being both rare and complete; the map section has all 21 of the flying maps, no pages are missing, the book has no markings, and the embossed, maroon leatherette (Henderson Process) cover is in a fresh and unblemished condition. There is some scuffing on the spine edges and bumping at the spine corners and very slight scuffing at the board corners. This is a first edition. The Foreword leaf and the following three leaves have some age-staining not evident in the balance of the 424 page book. The front endpaper , end leaf and title leaf are clean. The back endleaves and map portfolio have some age staining. In the rather nebulous world of book condition descriptions, this Handbook would fall into the slot between "fine" and "good," avoiding overblown or unrealistic (and enthusiastic) adjectives. Now, nearly 80 years old, this is a rare aviation book that you will be proud to have in your library collection. Priced at $SORRY SOLD.

A portion of the "Flight Service" Map No. 3 is illustrated below. A high resolution section of the Map No. 16, covering Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville area can be viewed by clicking here. Use the back arrow to return to this page.

Philip Van Horn Weems pioneered aircraft and space navigation techniques; he graduated from the Naval Academy in 1912. His name became synonymous with navigation, books about navigation and navigation equipment. Retired Navy Capt. Weems died in 1979.

The Weems and Plath Corporation website has the history of Captain Weems' contributions to the art and teaching of navigation. You can view a summary of Weems' career by clicking here.

B-24D SERVICE MANUAL SET - 1942/1943

This bound hardcover set of seven manuals for the Consolidated B-24D is an unusual maintenance and flight instruction publication from the Flight and Service Department of Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. Printed in 1942/1943, this set thoroughly describes the systems and flight operation of the B-24D. The set consists of:

Flight Manual B24D Airplane, 1942, 188 pages
Airplane General Service Manual,1942, 284 pages
Electricity Manual B24D, 1942, 292 pages
Armament Service & Instruction Manual, 1942, 184 pages
Hydraulics Manual, 1942, 210 pages
Power-plant Manual, 1943, 203 pages
Radio Instruction Manual, 1943, 260 pages

This set just didn't sit on a shelf in WW2 but it was used and the name of the owner written on the title page of each volume along with the date the set was acquired. The volumes include some color pages and many foldouts. The volumes are clean with no markings other than the name and a number on the inside of the cover board. The owner's name, "Robert L. Pearce" is printed on the front cover board of each volume - truly a "set." Some edge scuffing, bumping and wear with minor fading. Hinges are intact and the volumes rate a "Very Good" condition.

This marvelous B-24D service set from WW2 is available for $495.00.

CONTACT! Naval Aviator Careers 1-2000

A monumental, large format Volume One, "A Register & Directory of Naval Aviators With Related Addenda," First Edition, published by Naval Aviator Register, Washington, D.C. in 1967 and written and compiled by R.W. Arthur.

Reginald Wright "Jack" Arthur was Naval Aviator Number 1501; both his son, John Robert Arthur, and his brother, Robert Lee Arthur, were also Naval Aviators, Class of '62 and class of '43 respectively. In the book's Foreword, Adrian O. Van Wyen, Aviation Historian, Office of DCNO(Air), Department of the Navy, stated that, "The results of his work will stand for all time as authoritative reference for students of naval aviation history. No other published work provides its comprehensive information. Regarding true precedence of Naval Aviators, no official compilation is as complete and as accurate. While not an official work, it could not have been written without access to official records normally not open to public scrutiny. This not only gives the book a unique quality, but also enhances its value and reliability."

The book's chapters are: Dedication of Project, Foreword, Creed of a Navy Flyer, Sequence of Subjects, Acknowledgments, Introduction, Valedictory of an Aviator, Profiles - Aviator Numbers 1-2000, Profiles - Aviators Without Numbers, Bupers List - Aviator Numbers 2,001-3,000, Chronology of Naval Aviation Events, Addenda of Related Subjects, Index of Individuals in the Photographs, Index of Individuals in the Text, and Sign Off.

Each Naval Aviator is listed with Aviator Number and Navy Serial along with a short biography. The first 2000 Naval Aviators all received their wings prior to the end of World War I. Naval Aviator Number 2000, for example, Gordon Abbott Sutherland, received his HTA in Bolsena, Italy in November 1918. Number 1999, Alvin Williston McKaig, received his SNA in Miami in October 1918 and his HTA (Heavier Than Air) rating in December 1918 at Pensacola.

I don't believe that Volume Two was ever produced which would have covered biographies of Naval Aviators subsequent to Number 2000. There was no dust jacket with the original book. This copy rates somewhere between condition "fine" and "new." A seldom offered book in superb condition which can be owned for $185.00.


This is an outstanding ship cruise book for the Far Eastern Cruise of the USS Hancock CVA-19 with Carrier Air Group 12 aboard in 1955-56. This was the first overseas deployment for the Hancock following its recommissioning at Bremerton on February 15, 1954. It is also the first trip overseas for the F7U-3 Cutlass, flown by VF-124, the "Stingarees." Prior to this cruise, the Vought F7U-3 Cutlasses received carrier suitability tests off San Diego (1955) on the Shangri-La. Accompanying the book were two letters from friends or relatives of naval aviators which add significant poignancy to this volume. The cruise book has 300 pages, most with photos, and was printed in Japan. The carrier was under the command of Captain Eddie R. Sanders to 21 January 1956, and then Captain Joseph D. Black. Ports of call during this WESTPAC cruise, starting in Bremerton, included San Diego, San Francisco, Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Manila and return to San Diego. Aircraft on board included AD's, F9F-8 and F9F-6PD Cougars, F2H-3 VC-11Banshees, F7U-3 Cutlasses of CVG-12 along with HUP helicopters of HU-1 Unit 13 and Regulus missiles of RAM Team 522. VF-121, VF-124, VA-125, and composite squadrons VC-3, VC-11, VC-35, VC-61, VMJ-1 (F2H-2P) were squadrons represented on this deployment.

The Regulus missile team was the first to deploy to West Pac with the Regulus and the first unit to launch the Regul Bird from steam catapults. The cruise book mentions that the Regulus RAM Team ". . .supplied VF-121 with undoubtedly the world's most expensive five seconds of gunnery training."

The Cutlass was a controversial fighter design. The written section for VF-124 is reprinted below to provide some contemporary history for the F7U-3.

"When the HANCOCK steamed out of San Diego harbor in August, 1955, we were proud of the tailess, high-nosed F7U-3 Cutlasses spotted on the flight deck. This unique aircraft was making its first trip overseas, and the officers and men of Fighter Squadron 124 had made it possible while two AirLant squadrons were still qualifying with Cutlasses received the same time 124 was introduced to the new aircraft.

From the cruise book.

"VF-124 had flown F9F-2's on their last overseas tour. When they returned to Miramar in October 1954, the squadron absorbed most of the personnel of 'Project Cutlass,' a program designed to test and develop the F7U for flying with the fleet. 124 took the new nickname, 'Stingarees.' Traded in its Panthers for Cutlasses, and began training in the new planes for deployment. After 11 months of training under the leadership of CDR James S. Brown, the squadron skipper who had been Officer-in-Charge of Project Cutlass, officers, men, and aircraft moved aboard the HANCOCK, AirPac's only operational carrier capable of handling the tailless, 14-ton brute. The many weeks of patient, often heart-breaking effort were beginning to pay off.

"Carrier Qualifications brought to light many new problems which Stingarees dealt with in stride, again showing the persistent, unrelenting determination they had exhibited throughout the months at Miramar. In June 1955, with added effort and some fancy footwork, 124 qualified for carrier operations aboard the Hannah.

"VF-124's technical problems did not end with departure from San Diego aboard the HANCOCK. The ensuing months were paved with snafus and sorrow. The problems of fitting a plane as fast and heavy as the Cutlass into the fleet still caused persistent trouble. Yet, through it all, the officers and men of VF-124 have gained the satisfaction that, by using the data and experience gained during their cruise to West Pac, the fleet will overcome the difficulty in handling the complex monsters which have rolled off Chance Vought's assembly lines."

Wow! Those comments say a lot about the Cutlass. Eventually the F7U would equip ten squadrons but by the time the Cutlass was retired, the 300 or so fighters had accumulated only about 190 hours each on average.

The Hancock was involved in extensive sea operations with Task Force 77, departing and returning to Japan, dodging a typhoon along the way. Mentioned in the Task Force operations write-up, is that on October 20, 1955, the ". . . beloved Cutlasses left us, making room for the massive AJ's of VC-6." This is the only reference in the book that the Cutlasses of VF-124 departed the carrier . No mention is made anywhere in the book concerning where they went! For whatever reason, they were dumped. Do you think that perhaps the word "beloved" is a sarcasm? Update: Correspondent Tommy Thomason provided information that the Cutlass squadron was sent to NAS Atsugi, Japan and then taken back aboard for the voyage back to the U.S. The straight deck carriers presented problems to Cutlass operation so they flew from Naval Air Stations when deployed. Later F7U-3 deployments were from angle-deck carriers and didn't have the carrier landing issues.

The Smithsonian Air & Space magazine carried a Cutlass article which explains the situation aboard the USS Hancock; this article may be viewed by clicking here. Use the back arrow to return to this page.

There is a "in Memory" page in the book that lists those persons who died while on the cruise. The book was published in Japan and most operational photos were taken prior to the carrier's departure from Japan to its home base in San Diego although photos are shown of in port scenes in Manila in February, 1956 on its return trip and there is some indication that group photos were taken upon return. The list is shown below; note that all fatalities were pilots.

Several letters were included in the book along with an envelope sent from Hawaii addressed to Mrs. L.T. Smith from LTJG L.T. Smith of VA-125. Note that Lieutenant (j.g.) Leslie Taylor Smith died on September 29, 1955, shortly after the Hancock departed Hawaii. One of the letters (undated) found in the book was from L.T. Smith's sister who had received a copy of the cruise book (probably this one). She wrote, "The book also gives the names of five men lost on this cruise. Three are from VA-125. That seems a lot to me. Especially for a squadron with such a good safety record. Maybe, like 'they' say, there are cycles that anyone can get caught in. Anyway, I was sorry to note that L.T. was first. Don't know why it seems important, except that I'm sure he wouldn't like it." For privacy reasons, the letters aren't included with the sale of the book but the envelope is included.

One of the pilot fatalities was from VF-124 on November 4, 1955, possibly from an unsuccessful ejection following an inflight problem. The individual mentioned was Lieutenant (j.g.) George Millard who is not included in the group photo of VF-124 pilots. Neither is LTJG L.T. Smith of VA-125, suggesting that the group photos were taken in Miramar following the return (photos taken on land with hangars in background).

CDR E. Peter Aurand was the executive officer of the Hancock. The photo below of CDR Aurand shows several display models on the shelving behind him. Included is a Regulus missile and a Grumman Cougar, a Topping Model.

The USS Hancock cruise book for 1955-56 has a simple white dust jacket which protected the cover boards. The book is in excellent condition with one page having a 1" tear on the bottom and the front board has slight bumping on the spine and bottom. This book is priced at $SORRY SOLD.

From the cruise book.

HISTORIC AIRSHIPS by Rupert Sargent Holland - 1928

An entertaining volume consisting of 22 chapters, each devoted to an historic aviation event from early ballooning to the 1928 flight of the Southern Cross. The book is illustrated with numerous ink drawings by Manning deV Lee, photographs and five color plates of paintings by deV Lee. A great book from 1928 for the aviation library and one that is economically priced for such an early work. Copyrighted in 1928 by Macrae-Smith Company and published by Grosset & Dunlap.

The book is in condition VG+ and has an original dust jacket as pictured below. The dj is missing a section at the top of the spine and has scuffing and some wrinkles. The book has 343 pages, is size "large 8vo", has no writing or marks and a secure hinge. The front board is bright with a handsome scene.

This book is priced at $25.00. the painting shown below is from the "Aircraft in the War" chapter.


This is the original history of the 390th BG printed in 1947; this is not the 1997 reprint, but the privately printed group history as received by the 390th veterans following World War II.

A monumental work, the single volume has rosters, photos, missing in action, and calendar of events for the group. The "Preface" states:

This is the story of the 390th Bombardment Group, Heavy, Eighth Air Force, United States Army Air Forces, from the date of activation at Geiger Field, April 1943, until the departure from England in June and July 1945. It is a record of activities and life on a heavy bombardment station written by the men of the many departments before the fighting and the travail of battle had stopped. Some things will not be found in the words or pictures, they are the calm, intrepid courage of the boys who flew the Fortresses, and took all the risks; the mud, the chill and the wet of the unpredictable English weather; the long winter nights, the crowded huts, the inadequate stoves. To those of us who were there the book will be a reminder of what we did. For others it will be the answer to the question "What was it like?" For some, undeniably, life was rough in the ETO, and there were a lot of guys - well - "they never had it so good."

This large, 11" x 13" volume is unmarked. There is some scuffing and bumping on the spine. The gilded lettering and squadron insignia on the dark blue pebbled cover are bright. An excellent example of this historic document. Price is Sorry Sold.

The Three Musketeers of the Air; Their Conquest of the Atlantic From East to West by Captain Hermann Koehl, Major James C. Fitzmaurice and Baron Guenther von Huenefeld - 1928

Non-stop flight across the Atlantic, from the East to the West, was finally conquered in 1928 by three Europeans flying a single-engine Junkers W33. This book, written by the three flyers; Baron Guenther von Huenefeld, Captain Hermann Koehl and Major James C. Fitzmaurice tells the story of the flight and the histories of the three men, each story in their own words. This book is the German [i.e. English] translation of Captain Koehl's and Baron von Huenefeld's versions by George F. Dunay. Complete with 31 illustrations.

On April 12th, 1928 Hermann Koehl, Guenther von Huenefeld and Major James Fitzmaurice started with D-1197 "Bremen" (c/n 2504) from the Irish Baldonell Airdrome (near Dublin) with New York as their destination. Short of New York after about 37 hours and 2070 miles, they landed at Greenly Island in the strait of Belle Isle, Labrador, fortunate to find a landing spot in bad weather and a dwindling fuel supply.

Junkers W33 "Bremen," D1167 - illustration from the book.

The original "Bremen" today is owned by the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit and is currently under display at Bremen Airport in Germany.

From the Dust jacket:

Of what stuff are heroes made? What is the grim will, the superb daring that can send men on ventures where death is their only escort, and death their probable host? "The Three Musketeers of the Air," written by the three flyers who have been stamped by that phrase, tells you.

For here are, first, the individual autobiographies of the three heroes. To the reader, Baron von Huenefeld emerges as a man of artistic and literary tastes, a poet, a gallant figure who faces danger with a monocle . . .who has never let ill health deter him from action because "we have only one life to live."

But Major Fitzmaurice has been bred to soldiering. At the age of sixteen he ran off to join the army. He belonged to the cavalry in the 17th Lancers, known to England as the "Death or Glory" boys. A flyer in the Irish Free State Aviation Corps, his is the terse account of one to whom perils are all in the day's work.

And Captain Koehl? The most reticent, the most silent, the most inscrutable of the three men . . .he, too, tells his story. His reserve, one finds, has been the quiet of the man whose mind is centered on every tremor of the plane's motor. He was pilot of "The Bremen." It was to Captain Koehl that Major Fitzmaurice would signal the direction of the winds by blowing out over his palm to indicate favorable winds; by motioning back towards his face with his hand to indicate adverse winds.

A strangely exciting book, this record of "The Three Musketeers." Three totally different temperaments knitted together by a common cause - "All for one and one for all" - in a Junkers plane that flew its lonely way over a trail peopled by the ghosts of lost flyers.

In the following section of the book, together the three men write the story of this great effort, the first Transatlantic flight from East to West. Here are their thoughts, their feelings, their sensations, their actual experiences during their hazardous hours in the air between Baldonnel Airdrome and Greenely Island

Next comes an account of the good will tour undertaken by these men in the United States . . .the fine faith and spirit in which they made the tour, and their appreciation of the fervor with which they were welcomed.

Profile of D1167 from "Die Grossen Atlantik Flüge 1919 bis heute" by Carlo Demand - 1983.

This 330 page book is in excellent condition. It would be graded as near fine in the original gilt-blocked cloth, with gilt plane pictorial to front. The corners are sharp with an overall tight, bright and clean impression. Complete with dust jacket which has some scuffing and fading on the spine of the dj. The book was published in 1928 by G.P. Putnam's Sons and printed, "This is a copy of the First Edition," on the verso of the title page. The endpapers have clean, light blue pictorials. Black and white photographs appear throughout the book. The price of this outstanding volume is $Sorry Sold - the book went to the great grandson of Major James Fitzmaurice.


The complete line of StromBecKer Historical Locomotive Models is shown in a centerfold catalog in the 1936 publication, Historical Locomotives by Paul T. Warner; this 32-page, soft cover booklet was published by Strombeck-Becker Manufacturing Company to promote their line of locomotive kits - a very clever advertising device. The booklet is devoted to a history and theory of steam locomotives, from the beginnings to the latest oil burning types such as the 4-8-8-2 articulated type. The last paragraph reads, "Our story is finished, and we hope that you have found it interesting. Some people believe that the day of the steam locomotive is nearly over, but we do not think so. New designs will appear - better, faster and more powerful locomotives than those now in service to make railroad history in generations to come." The booklet is in fine condition and is priced at $50.00.

Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan and the Curtiss Robin

Douglas Corrigan became a legendary aviator, not because of his accomplishments as a pilot but rather because of a supposed navigational error. In 1938, Corrigan "mistakenly" flew from New York to Ireland--when he was supposed to be flying from New York to California--because he seemingly misread his compass. For Americans, who were caught in the midst of the Great Depression, Corrigan's antic provided a great deal of humor and uplift and he became a national folk hero. To this day, Corrigan's nickname, "'Wrong Way' Corrigan," remains a stock colloquial phrase in popular culture. People use it to describe anyone who blunders and goes the wrong way, particularly in sporting events. Nevertheless, as much fun as Corrigan's incident provides, many people do not understand all the complexities of his story, nor do they appreciate the fact that he was a sound and accomplished pilot. For the rest of this story, click here. Several links are also provided for other Corrigan history sites.

Dust jacket of Corrigan's story of his life, printed in 1938. The cover design is from a painting by Charles H. Hubbell.

A Douglas Corrigan "special" is being offered here. A first edition, autographed copy of That's My Story by Douglas Corrigan is combined with an original aluminum wing rib from a Curtiss Robin, the model of airplane that Corrigan used for his 28-hour wrong way flight from Floyd Bennett Airport in Long Island to Dublin.

The book has the original dust jacket and is further protected by a nifty plastic cover. The cover boards are bright. Some age yellowing on endpapers. The autograph is on the front free endpaper and the facing endpaper has a bookplate and an inscription from the giver of the book, dated 1939. The back endpaper has a full page, delightful inscription describing her encounter with Corrigan as he signed the book at "Robinsons" and ending with the note, "...always treasure this for he was a daring and Brave lad." A newspaper clipping is inserted in between blank endpapers at the end of the book. This clipping is shown, in part, below and describes Corrigan's britches! The newsprint clipping is yellowed and has yellowed the page adjacent to it. A true provenance!

Corrigan bought a well used OX5 powered Curtiss Robin for $325 in 1933; he later installed a used Wright J6-5 engine in 1935, put new wheels on the ship, recovered it, installed some large fuel tanks and repaired some tail damage - so, in 1935 he was planning his attempt to fly from Newfoundland to Ireland.

Corrigan's Curtiss Robin "B" with Wright J6-5 engine modification.

The Robin's semi-cantilever wing framework was built up of solid spruce spar beams and stamped-out Alclad aluminum alloy wing ribs and fabric covered; this wing structure was used on all the Robins, from the "B" on. However, deficiencies in the rib structural properties presented a problem which was repaired on many Robins by adding wood rib structure to the aluminum rib stamping. The Robin rib being offered was removed from a Curtiss Robin that is being restored; photos of the rib are shown below. The rib is in "as removed" condition so shows some disassembly "trauma." This rib makes an excellent display of a 1930s aircraft part - it measures 65 3/8" overall chordwise.

The combination of the signed Douglas Corrigan first edition book from 1938 and the Curtiss Robin wing rib is available for SORRY SOLD. Another rib (without book) is available - see below.

Curtiss Robin J-1 Wing Ribs

The Curtiss Robin wing ribs, shown below, are available for sale. These ribs are from a Curtiss Robin Model J-1, serial number 711, which is being restored in California; the wing has been completely rebuilt using newly constructed wood ribs to strengthen the original metal ribs (a common practice). Two sets of wings were the "donors" to provide airworthy aluminum ribs and the ribs offered here were the rejects. The airplane was originally sold in Medford, Mass. And was impressed into Army service as a navigational trainer in WW2. After the war, as with many Robins, it became a crop duster, moving from Idaho to Washington and ultimately to Porterville, CA where it was retired from service about 1953. The J-1 being restored has the same engine as Corrigan's airplane. Own an original part of a well used vintage duster. The price of each rib is $45.00; if shipped, there will be an additional cost of $18 for a shipping crate and a FedEx charge of $17. The photos below show two ribs, with opposite sides exposed.

Detail of aluminum rib construction.

Additionally, a trailing edge, aluminum rib section is available for $25.00. The section being offered is pictured below. Shipping to be determined.

A Robin rib nose section is also available for $20.00. This section may be purchased individually. It will also be included with the full rib offered above. Note the inspection stamps.

An interesting, undated model airplane plan from Sturdi-Built Model Aircraft, Portland, Oregon. Corrigan's Curtiss Robin is accurately drawn, including the notation of a Wright J6-5 engine. Note the sidebar which states, "Smallest power plant ever to span the ocean." If you would like a copy of the small plan, send a SASE to CollectAir. At least one other Corrigan Robin kit came out in the late 1930s - the Scientific "wrong Way Plane" - a 25" wingspan kit which first sold for 35 cents. The description below is from the 1940 Scientific catalog. A modern replica kit is available from Golden Age Reproductions.


This photo of Douglas Corrigan was taken of Corrigan as he sat in his Curtiss Robin "B" airplane used for his flight to Ireland. The photo measures 2 ¾" x 4" and is signed in ink.

The photo is back stamped with "ERIKSON The flying photographer San Diego, Calif." Henry A. (Jimmy) Erikson (1884-1962) was born in Finland and began photography in 1900. He was the first man to photograph San Diego from the air as early as 1911. Erikson was a very active photographer who recorded many aviation "firsts" and documented San Diego, both from the air and on the ground. His many photos are in the archives of numerous San Diego institutions including the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the San Diego Historical Society and the University of San Diego. Erikson served in the United States Air Service from June 1917 to January 1920, first as an Observer, then as a Pilot in 1919. His biography is included in the 1922 Who's Who in American Aeronautics, published by Aviation magazine. At that time his location was listed as the Hotel Del Coronado; later documents list his address as 68 Barrow Block, San Diego.

Own this Corrigan signed photo by Jimmy Erikson for $85.00.

PAUL W. TIBBETS and the Enola Gay

Story of two books. The first book, The Tibbets Story, was published in 1978 and the authorship was credited to Paul W. Tibbets with Clair Stebbins and Harry Franken. In the Introduction, written by Clair C. Stebbins, it is noted that General Tibbets had resisted writing his own story about the historic Hiroshima mission although there were a number of articles about the development and dropping of the first nuclear bomb, including the book Enola Gay, and interviews with Tibbets. Stebbins signs the Introduction with, " - by Clair C. Stebbins who, with Harry Franken, persuaded Mr. Tibbets to tell the story of his eventful life, and collaborated in the writing of this book."

The 1998 book, Return of the Enola Gay, published 20 years later, is credited to Paul W. Tibbets. In the Acknowledgments, Tibbets credits his good friend Gerry Newhouse with persistent encouragement during the rewriting of Flight of the Enola Gay; this book is a 1989 softcover edition. The 1998 book does not mention the original autobiography published in 1978 nor does it give any credit to the co-authors Stebbins and Franken. Chapter One, Stange Destiny, begins, in 1978, with, "From the pilot's seat of my airplane, I saw the city shimmering 6 miles below in the bright sunlight of an August morning." The 1998 book begins exactly the same. The last sentence of the last Chapter 40, "Reflections," of the 1978 book ends exactly as the end of Chapter 42 in the 1998 book. I mention this because it is sort of odd that the co-authors from 1978 are totally aced out of any credit - bad contract I guess.

The two books are offered here along with a Paul Tibbets signed envelope. Additional info on the envelope may be obtained by clicking here.

The Tibbets Story, hard cover published in 1978, is in fine condition with bright cover boards and is unmarked. The dust jacket has some edge crinkling and rubbing.

The Return of the Enola Gay, published in hardcover in 1998, is now out of print. This limited edition copy is in mint condition, dust jacket and book are perfect. A signed page carries the original signatures of Paul Tibbets, Pilot, Tom Ferebee, Bombardier, Dutch Van Kirk, Navigator and R.H. Nelson, Radio Operator. I believe that all of these signers are now deceased. The book is a limited edition copy number 135 of 1500 signed. Also included with this copy is a color photo of Dutch Van Kirk as he signs some memorabilia of the flight.

A memorable collection which may be prchased for $500.00.

Enola Gay at the Smithsonian's Hazy. CollectAir photo 2005.


Here's a great collectible for the book buff that would like to make a "discovery." Back in 1956, the Reader's Digest club put out books in a "Deluxe Edition" that were canned. Doubt that there's any aviation material in this sealed library, but it would be fun to explore this hoary time capsule.

This unopened can contains the 1956 Summer Selections of The Reader's Digest Condensed Book Club, Volume 3. Included is the unopened invoice envelope attached to the can. To open the can and reveal the books inside, there is a pull tab that releases the can's "lid." What do these books look like inside the sealed cardboard and tin container? What condition are they in? Five condensed books consisting of words in a can; tap into this sea of literature for the first time - be the one to unleash this literary barrage.

For $50.00 you can control the future of this package. Do you open the can or leave it alone?


A selection of Aircraft Yearbooks, packaged as a group of four running from 1937 to 1954. The yearbook was a treasured reference with information on the industry, new aircraft, three-views, photos, engines and much more in each issue. The book was the official publication of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America, Inc. This span of seventeen years shows a remarkable technological advance in aviation.

The 1937 issue is complete with a bright, clean text; there is slight foxing on the spine. No marking. The 1945 book is a war issue with world maps on the endpapers; the book's original dustjacket is included. The '45 book is particularly large because of the effect of the war on aircraft production. A clean book with no markings. The 1947 issue has a slightly loose hinge and is fully inscribed on the front free endpaper by the Editor, Howard Mingos (see below). The cover is somewhat scuffed and bumped and the book would rate a good plus. The 1954 issue is an ex-library book and is complete in a well used condition with a loose hinge.

This grouping of books is available for SORRY SOLD, a discount of about $25 from the individually priced volumes.

A large file for a three-view of the Stearman-Hammond Y-1 from the 1937 "Aircraft Yearbook" can be viewed by clicking here. Click on the 3-view image to enlarge. Use the back arrow to return.

Inscription by the editor in the 1947 "Aircraft Yearbook."


A fine copy of the 1952 issue of the 1952 Aircraft Year Book. The book is in great, unmarked condition with bright boards and spine. Slight bumping on lower corners (see photo below). A complete review of the events and developments in military and civil aviation in the nation along with a complete directory of aircraft, executives, statistics, chronology and agencies in United States aviation. An encyclopedia of little-known facts, historical sidelights and famous quotes out of the past. Outstanding technical developments in the design, manufacturing and research fields. Complete current official aviation records, the man and the machines, dates and places, precise figures are given. Published in 1953. 464 pages with dust jacket. Price is $50.00.

THE MARCH FIELD STORY - 50th Anniversary 1918-1968 by Dr. R. Bruce Harley

Great Southern California history. Dr. Harley was the Chief, Historical Division, Directorate of Information, Headquaarters, Fifteenth Air Force. His foreword states, in part:

The "March Field Story" has never been written in an orderly, researched fashion. It had been the aim of the chief historical office on the base to provide a narrative and pictorial history which meets the test of accuracy. Newspaper files, land records, various commission minutes, and some material from the National Archives and Air University have been screened to recreate the story of growth from a barley stubble field to a bastion of aerospace power.

March's location has put it near the Los Angeles metropolitan area, seat of the largest concentration of aircraft industrial firms in the nation. Planes have been test flown from March. Famous flyers, both military and civilian, have landed at the base. Many outstanding achievements have been recorded, including contributions to the science of aviation. . . .

Quite a change since 1968! A greatly reduced March Field. No more a concentration of aircraft industrial firms in Los Angeles - not an airplane production line in sight. What a downfall for Southern California.

This hardcover book measures 8 5/8" x 11 ¼"; black imitation leather look with bright as new gold stamped title on cover. Sixty-three pages with photos in black and white. Condition is fine (as new except for inscription). The book is autographed by the author. The front free endpaper is inscribed in ink, as follows:

Presented to General F.M. Rogers on the occasion of his visit to March Field 29 April 1980. James P. Mullin, Lt. General, Commander, 15th Air Force.

This visit probably was in connection with the newly dedicated March Field Air Museum. General Rogers currently resides in the Santa Barbara area. For an overview of the dedication and the history of the museum and March Field, click here.

This 1968 book is a real find and is priced at SORRY SOLD.


A highly interesting book from 1943. The spiral bound, heavy cardboard cover book measures 9" x 12" and has 30 pages.

Written and illustrated by Jim Ray, the book is an illustrated description of the Boeing B-17. Not highly technical nor explicitly detailed, the book was apparently meant as an overview of the B-17 bomber for the American youth. Not a young children's book, the text is well written on an adult level and has a patriotic theme as did many of the WW2 publications.

The Foreword was written by Brig. General La Verne G. Saunders, the Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, Air Corps. A brief bio of General Saunders is printed on the outside of the back cover.

The book opens up on page 2 and 3 (contents page) with a two page spread of an illustration of the B-17 showing the crew positions. A short history of Boeing and the B-17 is completed by page 10. Then there are eight die-cut pages which show various interior details such as structure, engines, aerial engineer and gunners, etc. - and the page 27 is a full page illustration of a B-17 which the die-cut pages overlay. Two pages are devoted to detail drawings of the engine and "Fortress Facts."

The book is complete and unmarked. The thick cardboard cover boards are edge worn and corner bumped and there are a few scrapes on the cover along with some staining. The spiral binding is intact.

This is an unusual B-17 book and this one is the only one that I've seen. Jim Ray is profiled in the book as:

Nationally recognized for the authenticity of his work, Jim Ray, aviation writer, illustrator and authority, has had literally a lifetime association with aviation. He grew up in the atmosphere of the experimental days of the Wright Brothers in Ohio and received his first aviation training from pioneer pilots of the early Wright machines. He has flown for more than thirty years and saw active service for two years with the French Air Service during World War I. He created and supervised the production of his famous "Wings Over America" radio series, is both author and illustrator of his own original aviation features currently running in national youth magazines, and for the past ten years has devoted his entire effort to bring authenmtic aviation stories and information to the boys and girls of America.

A wonderful example of a youth oriented aviation book from World War 2, this 1943 book is priced at $SORRY SOLD.


This is an EAA Aviation Foundation reprint of the 1932 Flying and Glider Manual, which, in the words of Paul Poberenzy, ". . .was a great inspiration for many of us and in our opinion caused many of the leaders in aviation today to get 'their start.'" This reprint was published in 1989 - the manuals were originally published from 1929 to 1933 by Modern Mechanix and Inventions, a Fawcett magazine.

This soft cover publication measures 8 ½ x 11 inches and has 72 pages, all with photos and drawings. Learn how to build a Pietenpol "Air Camper", a Powell "P-H" Racer and several others, with all details covered. Excellent condition for only $SOLD.

AIRPLANE DRAWING by Giachino and Sonsmith

This delightful mechanical drawing book was published in 1943 with a copyright of 1941. The preface to the book states, in part, "The purpose of this text is to make possible the introduction of an elementary study of the structure of an airplane through the mechanical drawing courses." Measuring 8 ¾ x 11 ¼ inches, the hard cover text contains 64 pages, all in bright white, as new condition. The last page has a well drawn plan of a wooden propeller, with cross sections. Slight scuffing of corners, otherwise in outstanding condition - obviously never used as a classroom text. Photo of sample pages below.

The author, J.W. Giachino, M.A., was an instructor at Western State Teachers College in Kalamazoo; H.A. Sonsmith, B.S., taught drawing in a Hamtramck, Michigan high school. This book is sure to please anyone who got their start in aviation through youthful interests - also, the book is still a good text for airplane structures for the initiate into aviation. Own this book for only $37.50.

The Complete History of the Flying Aircraft & the Plastic Kits
By Richard Lines & Leif Hellström

The "Made in England" ready-to-fly FROG airplanes, the FROG kits, engines and the PENGUIN plastic models, all manufactured by entities under the umbrella of Lines Bros. Ltd., Tri-Ang Works, International Model Aircraft Ltd. (IMA) and FROG International, are very collectible today. This book is the bible for FROG collectors; the complete history of the company and a compilation of all the various models and kits are detailed in listings and copious color photos and copies of catalogues. The book measures 8 ½" x 12" and has 272 pages. This is the First Edition published in England in 1989. The cover board has the same graphic as shown on the dust jacket. A magnificent book, exemplary in its definitive coverage in both text and photos. This book is priced at $120.00. The book is being sold and described as "new" as it is NOS just discovered at CollectAir. I thought my personal copy was the only one in-house until this one popped up in our new book inventory.

The dust jacket states: "FROG (Flies Right Off the Ground) model aircraft were made by a division of Lines Bros. Ltd. (Triang Toys, Minic, etc.). They were continuously in the forefront of innovation for both flying and static models, being the first to perfect the plastic kit which brought in the era of fine scale detail (See the Vintage Plastic Kit page for a photo of the PENGUIN kits). The book tells the story of all these models, their origins and construction and something of the commercial considerations that influenced their design. As the first book on this subject, it will become an invaluable reference work and will include a compendium of all the plastic kits, including non-aircraft models - cars, ships and military items etc., produced from 1936-1976 together with full details of the flying models and motors for boats and aircraft from 1932 onwards."

I found one listing in the book which failed to include all the information on a FROG ready-to-fly model that is in the CollectAir collection, The pre-war "Speed Demon Special" is pictured on page 243 (shown below) and described on page 244 as a 1938-1939 model made for Quaker Oats as a premium offer and described as similar to the FROG "Avenger" - and furthermore, never appearing in FROG catalogs. However, I have a kit for the "El 'Speed Demon'" which was obviously made for the foreign market; this kit has the same winder mechanism and model but the instructions and box lid are not printed in English. Photos are presented below to show this unusual model.

You are welcome to add any information concerning this kit.


The Clipper Heritage, published in 1984 by the Air Line Pilots Association of Pan American World Airways, is a 9 ¼" x 12 3/8" volume of 323 pages. The book outlines the history of Pan American Airways through text and copious photos. Beginning on page 234, the book has photos of all of the active Pan Am pilots in 1984. In addition, all the active pilots are listed alphabetically in a separate section. Also, there is a listing of "Pan American's Retired Pilots." Photos of representative pages are shown below. This appealing airline history book was published before this prestigious and flag carrying national airline fell victim to the changing times of the airline industry and the damaging effect of airline regulations that didn't allow Pan Am to fly domestic routes. The book is priced at Sorry SOLD.

Also available, a similar layout yearbook entitled,LOGBOOK - A Nostalgic Look At WESTERN AIRLINES, with an attractive white cover (photo below). Published in 1982 with 216 pages, this yearbook, in condition "fine," celebrating an extinct airline, is available for Sorry Sold.

See Pan Am menus with artwork by John T. McCoy on the Prints page or Ephemera page; a set of thirteen beautiful paintings of Pan Am aircraft.

ROBINSON MODEL R22 MANUALS, 1983 Revised to 1988

A set of vintage Robinson R22 helicopter manuals: the Maintenance Manual and the Illustrated Parts Catalog. These manuals were used for maintenance of R22 s N8398Q, N8418U and N8529C, serial numbers 0345, 0361 and 0432, 1983 and 1984, by Progressive Aviation Ltd. of San Jose, California. A Robinson booklet showing all dealers and service centers in July 1987 is included. Manuals are in very good condition with clean, bright loose leaf pages complete with revisions, list of serial numbers for the 3 helicopters, and some notations.. Scarce for this era of the R22 (30 years ago) and in this condition. Price for the set of manuals is $200.00.

SHARKS OF THE AIR by James Neal Harvey

From the dust jacket: "Sharks of the Air tells the story of Willy Messerschmitt's life, and shows how this aaeronautical genius built many revolutionary airplanes - not excluding the Luftwaffe's mainstay, the Me-109, which continued to be upgraded throughout the war - culminating in the Me-262 jet-powered nemesis. It describes how his various warplanes fought in Spain, Poland, France, Britain, the U.S.S.R., and over Germany, and it provides thrilling accounts of air battles drawn from combat reports and interviews with veterans."

See the Diverse Images page for several outstanding British pewter models of the Me-262.

This 2011 book is available for $25.00, a 25% discount from its $32.95 list price.


GX-509, McCampbell, Robert H., AN ORDINARY GUY IN EXTRA ORDINARY TIMES, Memoirs of a WWII Fighter Pilot, First Edition, 2005, soft cover, 288 pp. new SOLD

5-08, Craig, William, ENEMY AT THE GATES - THE BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD, 1973 First Edition, DJ, 457pp., vg $20.00

5-09, THE WAR IN THE AIR - THE ROYAL AIR FORCE IN WORLD WAR II, 1969, DJ worn, notations and underlining and comments by British pilot R.R. MacKenzie-Graham whose name is on taped paper to endpaper, flew Spits with #613, 610, 26 Lysanders and #9 Wellingtons, LC 69-12310, $27.50

5-10, Thomas, Craig, WINTERHAWK, 1987, First Edition, DJ, a novel, flying over Central Russia f $20.00

5-11, Rheingold, Howard, TALKING TECH, 1982, First Edition, DJ, 0-688-00783-X, 324pp., a conversational guide to science and technology - do you know what "Entropy" means? Find out. f $15.00

5-12, Blackman, Raymond V. B., THE WORLD'S WARSHIPS, 1957, small format, some light foxing on endpapers and title page, 251pp. + index, excellent info. fair $8.50

5-13,Dunn, Laurence, MERCHANT SHIPS OF THE WORLD 1910-1929 IN COLOR, 1975 First American Edition, DJ, color paintings as illustrations, very well done. f $15.00

5-14, Taylor, J.C., GERMAN WARSHIPS OF WORLD WAR II, 1977, DJ f $11.50

5-15, Dunn, Laurence, SHIP RECOGNITION - MERCHANT SHIPS, 1954, NDJ, some spine looseness, nice. SOLD

5-16, Lenton, H.T. and Colledge, J.J., WARSHIPS OF WORLD WAR II, 1973, DJ, second edition, 653pp., printed in England, excellent reference book. f $30.00

5-17, Couhat, Jean LaBayle, FRENCH WARSHIPS OF WORLD WAR II, 1978, DJ, printed in England, 176pp. SOLD

5-18, Watts, A.J., JAPANESE WARSHIPS OF WORLD WAR II, 1973, DJ, printed in U.K., 400pp , f $30.00

5-19, Silverstone, Paul H., U.S. WARSHIPS OF WORLD WAR II, 1972, DJ, printed in Great Britain, 444pp. SOLD

5-20, Rowe and Morrison, SHIPS AND AIRCRAFT OF THE U.S. FLEET, 1972, paper, 9th edition, 283pp., condition is fair because of wear to covers. fair $7.50

5-21,READER'S DIGEST TRUE STORIES OF WORLD WAR II, 1980, 447pp., good reading including Reach for the Sky, story of Douglas Bader. f $10.00


5-23, Time-Life, THE EPIC OF FLIGHT - THE PATHFINDERS, 1980, Deluxe Edition f $14.00

5-24, Prange, Gordon W., AT DAWN WE SLEPT - THE UNTOLD STORY OF PEARL HARBOR, 1981, DJ worn, 0-07-050669-8, 873pp., address label on front free endpaper. g $20.00

5-25, Davis, Kenneth C.,TWO-BIT CULTURE - THE PAPERBACKING OF AMERICA, 1984, paper, 0-395-35535-4, 430pp., The history of paperback publishing, "What's That Plane" recognition manual by Penguin was a wartime success selling 400,000 copies. vg $25.00

5-26, Bell, Dana, AIR FORCE COLORS - VOL. I 1926-1942, 1979, paper, 0-89747-091-5, f $18.00

5-27, HAWAII HUMPBACK, Vol 1 #3, Spring 1980, magazine $2.00

5-28, Mikesh, Robert C., EXCALIBUR III - THE STORY OF A P-51 MUSTANG, Volume 1, 1978, paper, 76pp., 0-87474-635-3, an original copy of Vol. 1. vg $20.00

5-29, THE RAND MCNALLY ENCYCLOOPEDIA OF WORLD WAR II, 1978, paper, 528-88106-X $10.00

5-30, Aerodata International, BOMBERS OF WORLD WAR II - VOLUME 1, 1981, paper, 0-89747-113-X. vg $18.00

5-31, Wagner, Ray and Nowara, Heinz, GERMAN COMBAT PLANES, DJ, interesting defective binding that left out all pages prior to page 7. Value as an anomoly? 1200 illustrations, 1914-1945. Offer

5-32, Green, William, COLOR PROFILES OF WORLD WAR I COMBAT PLANES, 1974, LC 74-77687, DJ, 479illustrations, 323 in color, large format, beautiful book. f SORRY SOLD


5-34, Kinert, Reed, RACING PLANES AND AIR RACES - COMPLETE HISTORY, Volume 1 Reference 1 Series 1, 1909-1923, 1969 second printing - revised, paper. vg $27.50

5-35, Dmitri, Ivan, FLIGHT TO EVERYWHERE, 1944 First Edition, Large format, b&w and color photos, NDJ, picture touring over 32,000 miles of ATC routes through jungle, desert and Arctic, cover cloth shows some wear. g $25.00

5-36, AIRCRAFT DIARY - 1980, Large, spiral bound, leatherette cover, deluxe, 1979, information, calendar, pictures, 3-views, nice. $15.00

5-37, Department of the Army, KOREA 1950, 1952, by Orlando West, paper, First 6-months of the conflict, lots of photos, cover shows wear. $25.00

5-38, AEROPHILE - VOLUME 1, 1-6; VOLUME 2, 1-4, Jan/Feb 1977 through December 1980, all very good, complet SET Only. $200.00

5-39, FLYING REVIEW INTERNATIONAL, VOLUME 19 NO. 3 THRU VOLUME 20 NO. 3, December 1963 through december 1964, in Flying Review red binder, all very good. $60.00

5-40, Williams, Roger Q., UP CURRENTS, 1947, paper, sketches and text, 49pp. g $5.00

5-41, Gessow & Myers,AERODYNAMICS OF THE HELICOPTER, paper spiral bound, circa 1963 for the 1952 edition, 343pp., name in ink on cover, cover faded and worn, helicopter design classic, I used the 1952 book when I began helicopter engineering in 1952. Haven't seen this edition before. text? $35.00

5-42, Charlton, F.,MECHANICS OF MATERIAL FOR ENGINEERS, 1962, Great Britain, 158pp., text book, NDJ. g $10.00

5-44, Greenwood and Silverman, STRESS ANALYSIS FOR AIRPLANE DRAFTSMEN, 1943 First Edition Second Impression, 291pp., from the Chance Vought Aircraft Division Engineering Department. g SOLD

5-45, Braddon, Russell, NEW WINGS FOR A WARRIOR, 1954, DJ worn and torn, story of Group-Captain Leonard Cheshire, pages yellowed significantly. fair $SOLD

5-46, DUXFORD - DUXFORD AIR DAY SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER 1973, The Official Souvenir Booklet, paper, "Big Beautiful Doll" P-51D on cover. vg $5.00

5-47,IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM DUXFORD HANDBOOK, 1977, paper, aircraft of collection. g $5.00

5-48, FLIGHT MANUAL - RALLYE 235E - U.S. VERSION, SOCATA Groupe Aerospatiale, 1977, Vinyl factory binder, loose leaf, vg $25.00

5-49, Nally, W.E., DOUGLAS NAVY FIGHTERS - 1933 TO 1956, A Half Century of Fighter Aircraft Development, 2nd Annual Western Aerospace Historical Symposium, 1968, 8 1/2" x 11" paper, several foldout 3-views by Harry Gann, 40pp. g SOLD

5-50, Thurston, David B., DESIGN FOR SAFETY, 1980, DJ tears, 0-07-064554-X, 196pp., designs for safer flying. vg $5.00

5-51, Davis, Harner, THE TESTING AND INSPECTION OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS, 1951 Tenth Printing, 372pp., name on front free endpaper. fair $10.00

5-52, Kells, Lyman, ELEMENTARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS, 1947, 312pp., name on front free endpaper. $5.00

5-53, Fitzgerald, A.E.,BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, 1945, 443pp., some pencil notes in text. $5.00

5-54, Lockwood, Vice-Admiral Charles,TRAGEDY AT HONDA, 1974, DJ, 243pp.g $11.50

5-55, Hart, B.H. Liddell, HISTORY OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR, 1970, DJ, book-club, 766pp. $5.00

5-56, Villiers, Alan, POSTED MISSING, 1974, DJ, 0-684-13871-9, 310pp., front free endpaper partial yellowing from newspaper clipping. g $12.50

5-60, Blair Jr., Clay, BEYOND COURAGE, 1959, DJ, Ex-libris, escape tales of airmen in the Korean War $3.00

5-61, PEARL HARBOR AND HAWAII - A MILITARY HISTORY, 1971, DJ, 0-8027-0360-7, 184pp., Editors of the Army Times. vg $9.50

5-62, Breuer, William E.,RETAKING THE PHILIPPINES, 1986, DJ, book-club edition, 284pp. g $5.00

5-64, Shafer, Ted, THE GREAT SILVER AIR FLEET, 1980, DJ, a novel of adventure and suspense besed on radio heroes of the 1930s, a delightful read. vg $15.00

5-65, Irving, David, THE TRAIL OF THE FOX, 1977, DJ, 496pp., the search for the true Field Mrshal Rommel, slight defect on page following front endpaper. g $17.50

4-01, Holt, Tonie and Valmai,I'LL BE SEEING YOU - PICTURE POSTCARDS OF WORLD WAR II, 1987, DJ, 0-86190-201-7, printed in U.K., large format, chapter three "Machines in the Air" devoted to airplane postcards, an excellent reference book and very entertaining. f $40.00

4-02, Lipscomb, F.W., A HUNDRED YEARS OF THE AMERICA'S CUP, 1972, DJ protected, large format, great color plates (16) with one missing, all suitable for framing, a very clean book, SOLD

4-04, THE NAVIES - THE PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR, 1957, reprint of 1911 book, DJ f $10.00

4-05, Qillmott, H.D., WARSHIPS - SEA POWER SINCE THE IRON CLAD, 1975, DJ torn, 144pp., large format. $6.00

4-06, PRPA SECOND EDITION PICTORIAL, Progessional Race Pilots Assn., paper, 1970 Reno Air Races. SORRY SOLD

4-07, Durant, John and alice, PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN SHIPS, 1963, DJ torn with piece missing, 312pp. $5.00

4-08, Westwood, J.N., FIGHTING SHIPS OF WORLD WAR II, 1975, DJ, book-club, vg $7.50

4-09,AMATEUR CRAFTSMAN'S CYCLOPEDIA OF THINGS TO MAKE, Popular Science Monthly, 1937, large format, 1400 working drawings, diagrams and illustrations, 338pp. SOLD

4-10, Dobias, Frank, THE PICTURE BOOK OF FLYING, 1928, 64pp., children's book with accurate historical text and delightful illustrations. g $18.50

4-11, Wingate, JohN, HMS BELFAST - IN TRUST FOR THE NATION 1939-72, Profile Book 4, 1972, DJ. f $22.50

4-12, WARSHIPS IN PROFILE - VOLUME 1, 1972, DJ yellowed at top 1", 288pp. f $SOLD

4-13, WARSHIPS IN PROFILE - VOLUME 2, 1973, DJ, 292pp. f $SOLD

4-14,WARSHIPS IN PROFILE - VOLUME 3, 1974, DJ, 152pp. f $SOLD

4-15, PROFILE WARSHIP 15 - USS ENTERPRISE (CVAN-65), 1972, paper, 72pp.g SOLD

4-17, THE AMERICAN FIGHTER ACES ALBUM, 1979 Second Printing, 256pp.f $75.00

4-18, MODEL ART 5, Japanese Magazine (circa 1960?), Yubari, Spifire, Cherokee, C-135 etc., includes drawings, illustrations, profiles, photos etc. $7.50

4-19, DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN NAVAL FIGHTING SHIPS - VOLUME VI, 1976, U.S. Government Printing Office, 750pp., info on naval vessels. f $50.00

4-20, Cateura, Linda, OIL PAINTING SECRETS FROM A MASTER, 1984, DJ, large format. f $10.00

4-21, DREADNOUGHT FAREWELL - USS NEW JERSEY BB62 RETURNS TO MOTHBALLS, 1970, DJ, Photos by Neil Leifer, large format photo essay, color and B&W, impressive. f SOLD

4-22, DREADNOUGHT 68-69 - USS NEW JERSEY BB62 FIREPOWER FOR FREEDOM, 1969, CRUISE BOOK, 255pp., large format, embossed cover w/ gold seal of New Jersey. BB Collectible. f SOLD

4-23, DREADNOUGHT RETURNS, 1969, DJ, large format, color and B&W photos, recommissioning and Vietnam duty. Went back in mothballs quickly (see 4-21). vg SOLD

4-24, Baker and Tryckare, THE ENGINE POWERED VESSEL, 1965, DJ, quarto, LC 65-21508, profiles, line and color, 268pp., a superior book. DJ shows some edge damage and yellowing, book is perfect and is a very handsome volume with superb graphics. f $50.00

4-25, Smith, Thomas G., INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC - THE ART OF SPECIAL EFFECTS, 1986, large format, movie special effects before computers took over. book as new $60.00

4-26, THE LORE OF SHIPS, 1975, DJ, quarto, 279pp., 1550 illustrations, top 3/4" of spine and adjacent front cover has some compression wrinkling. $20.00

4-27, Price, Alfred, SPITFIRE - A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY, 1977, DJ, 159pp., 0-684-16060-9, very good book. f $25.00

4-28, Ellis, Chris, THE WORLD OF AVIATION, 1977, 0-600-30318-7, DJ, 192pp., large format. f $15.00

4-29, Apple and Gurney, THE AIR FORCE MUSEUM - NEW, REVISED, AND EXPANDED EDITION, 1978, DKJ, large format, photos B&W. f $25.00

4-30, Bowers, Peter M., FORTRESS IN THE SKY, 1976 First Edition, DJ, large format, one of the best of the B-17 Flying Fortress books. f $SOLD

4-31, Green and Punnett, MACDONALD WORLD AIR POWER GUIDE, 1963, NDJ, large format, 72pp., plus color, profiles and specs, fading on spine and adjacent. a very fine reference. g $37.50

4-32, Taylor, John W.R., COMBAT AIRCRAFT OF THE WORLD, 1969 Second Impression, DJ, clean, 647pp., large format. g $35.00

4-33, PIPER BROCHURES IN A NAVAJO SALES FOLDER, 1976, 5 brochures, 2 spec sheets, minor wear to folio. Check out what Piper was selling in 1976. g $10.00

4-36, BEST BOOK OF TRUE AVIATION STORIES, 1967 First Edition, DJsomewhat yellowed, classic stories from the world of aviation. vg $20.00

3-01, Green, William, THE OBSERVER'S WORLD AIRCRAFT DICTIONARY, 1961, NDJ, LC 61-8629, 354pp. g $22.50

3-02,COCKPIT, September 1967, paper, Holland, magazine, 40pp., many photos, small format. $5.00

3-03, Green, William, FIGHTERS VOLUME TWO, 1961, NDJ, 192pp., small format. SOLD

3-04, Kenney, Gen. George C., DICK BONG, 1960 First Edition, Ex-libris, 116pp., Gen. Kenney, architect of SAC, writer of Bong's exploits, book has been damaged with 5 cutouts of photo captions and the word "BONG" cutout of DJ, scoring on cloth cover. A neat first edition damaged and ex.-lib., only reader $5.00


3-06,Watts, Tom, PACIFIC COAST TREE FINDER, 1973, paper, a pocket size manual for identifying Pacific Coast trees, 59pp., a very handy booklet for West Coast people. $3.00

3-07, Van Orden, Rear Admiral M.D., THE BOOK OF UNITED STATES NAVY SHIPS, 1979, DJ, Ex-libris, 94pp. $5.00

3-08, MILESTONES OF FLIGHT - PATHFINDERS IN THE SKY, NASM, 1983, paper, 48pp. vg $2.00

3-09, Gibbs-Smith, C.H., THE NEW BOOK OF FLIGHT, 1948, 288pp., NDJ, spine worn and faded, an outstanding aviation book written by a British historian, should be in every library. $48.00

3-10, Chapel, Charles Edward,JET AIRCRAFT SIMPLIFIED, 1950, NDJ, 160pp., inked name on front endpaper, 3-views, photos or early jets, an excellent and clean book early in the jet age. $25.00

3-11, Lee, Arthur Gould, THE FLYING CATHEDRAL, 1965, DJ front tear and piece missing from front lower corner, 270pp., the story of Samuel Franklin Cody, quite an aviator.g $15.00

3-13, WORLD AIRCRAFT - MILITARY 1945-1960, RAND MCNALLY, paper, 318pp., clor, very nice, $18.00

3-15, Turner, Lt. Col. Richard E., BIG FRIEND, LITTLE FRIEND, 1969 First Edition, Ex-libris, 176pp., classic memoirs of a WWII fighter pilot. reader $6.00

3-17, Sharp, C. Martin, DH - A HISTORY OF de HAVILLAND, 1982, 0-906393205, DJ, 487pp. mint $37.50

3-18, de Hartog, Jan, THE CAPTAIN, 1966, DJ, 434pp., book-club, classic of the Murmansk run. g $20.00

3-20, THE WORLD ALMANAC AND BOOK OF FACTS FOR 1934, 944pp., NDJ, yellowed but intact and solid spine, an invaluable reference for anyone writing of that period. reader $5.00

3-21, Cranston, Claudia, SKY GYPSY, 1936 Second Impression, NDJ, 4 inked lines scratched over on fron free endpaper, 325pp., 25,000 miles by flying Clipper ships, PanAm, over South America, Central America, Mexico and Caribbean, spine faded and worn. $20.00

3-22, Olsen, Jack, APHRODITE: DESPARATE MISSION, 1970, DJ worn, LC 70-97083, 328pp., B-17 drones loaded with high explosive flying out of England, Joe Kennedy Jr., clean, g $15.00

3-23, Terkel, Studs, THE GOOD WAR - AN ORAL HISTORY OF WORLD WAR TWO, 1984, DJ, 0-394-53103-589pp. vg $20.00

3-24, Lingeman, Richard R., DON'T YOU KNOW THERE'S A WAR ON? - THE AMERICAN HOME FRONT 1941-1945, 1980, paper, pages slightly yellowed, 400pp. $5.00

3-25, Cole, Duane, PLANES, PILOTS AND PROGRESS, 1993, paper, large format, 140pp., autographed, slightly cocked.. $sold

3-26, Vicary, Adrian, NAVAL WINGS - ROYAL NAVAL CARRIER BORNE AIRCRAFT SINCE 1916, 1984, DJ, 0-85059-660-2, 111pp., B&W photos. vg $10.00

3-27, U.S. BATTLESHIPS IN ACTION - PART 1, Squadron Signal, Warships No. 3, 1980, paper, cover damaged by red paint streak 1/4". $5.00

3-28, U.S. BATTLESHIPS IN ACTION - PART 2, NO.4, 50pp., 1984. $7.00

3-29, U.S. CAMERA 1954, 1953 First Edition, LC 35-24291, p. 369/370 missing, B&W photos, 424pp. $9.50

3-30, VANCOUVER, 1986, large format, paper, color photos, slick f $6.00

3-31, WARSHIP PROFILE 31 - GERMAN SCHNELLBOOTE (E-BOATS), 1973, paper. $4.00

3-32, Windrow, Martin C., GERMAN AIR FORCE FIGHTERS OF WORLD WAR TWO, VOLUME 2, 1970, some yellowing of covers. $6.00

3-34, Howard, Fred, WILBUR AND ORVILLE - A BIOGRAPHY OF THE WRIGHT BROTHERS, 1987 First Edition, DJ, 520pp., 0-394-54269-X f $30.00

3-35, Hartman, Edwin, ADVENTURES IN RESEARCH - A HISTORY OF AMES RESEARCH CENTER 1940-1965, NASA, 1970, 555PP. $5.00

3-36, Ziegler, Philip, MOUNTBATTEN - A BIOGRAPHY, 1985, First American Edition, DJ, 784pp., 0-394-52098-X. mint $25.00

3-37, Chichester, Sir Francis, GYPSY MOTH CIRCLES THE WORLD, 1968, First American Edition, DJ, LC 68-16001, book-club, vg $20.00

3-38, Ewing, Steve, USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6) - A PICTORIAL HISTORY, 1982, paper, 0-933126-24-7, 158pp., the most decorated ship of WWII, Exhibit Edition f $10.00

3-40, Thorn, John Editor, THE ARMCHAIR AVIATOR, 1983, DJ, 0-684-18014-6, 307pp., suberb collection of aviaor stories. f $24.50

3-41, BATTLE STATIONS - YOUR NAVY IN ACTION, 1946, NDJ, 402pp., photos with captions, clean, with title worn off spine, slight tear on p.1., photographic epic. $30.00

3-42, ADVANCES IN AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES, VOL. I AND II, as set, proceedings of the First International Congress in the Aeronautical Sciences Madrid, DJ worn, 1959, LC 59-6840. set vg $30.00

3-43, KNIGHTS OF THE AIR - THE EPIC OF FLIGHT, 1980, Time-Life, 192pp., WWI vg SOLD

3-44, Thornborough and Davies, LOCKHEED BLACKBIRDS, 1988, paper, 0-7110-1794-8, 143pp., excellent coverage with line drawing of all variants, large format. fine $20.00

3-45, Hawcock, David, MAKING PAPER AIRPLANES, 1989, DJ, 0-715393669, 64pp. fine $6.00

3-46, AIRCRAFT OF THE NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM - THIRD EDITION, 1985, paper, 0-87474-669-8, catalog of aircraft. $6.00

3-47, KITE BALLOONS TO AIRSHIPS - THE NAVY'S LIGHTER THAN AIR EXPERIENCE, paper, 77pp., 75th Year of Naval Aviation, Vol. 4 of a Commemorative Collection, Naval Air Systems Command. f $20.00

3-48, UNITED STATES SHIP ESSEX (LHD 2) COMMISSIONING OCTOBER 17, 1992 SAN DIEGO, CA, paper, large format. f $20.00


3-50, WINGED MAJESTY - THE BOEING B-17 FLYING FORTRESS IN WAR AND PEACE, 1980, paper, 10th anniversary PNAHF Journal, 40pp. vg $12.00

3-51, AERO ALBUM - VOLUME 6, Summer 1969, paper, 47pp., Paul R. Matt and Kenn C. Rust, vg $12.00

3-52, PNAHF JOURNAL - VOLUME 4, Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, Inc., 1973, paper, 54pp., articles on the beginnings of the Washington Air National Gueard, Aircraft of 116th, Douglas World Cruisers, Aleutions, B-47, B-47 Spotters Guide, B-47 Toss Bombing, OX-5, B-17, Abbotsford. f $25.00

3-53, PNAHF JOURNAL-VOLUME 7, 1976, paper, articles on Varney Air Lines, DC-3, B-17, Planes of PNAHF collection, 40pp. f $25.00

3-54, PNAHF JOURNAL - VOLUME 8, 1977, paper, articles of DB-7B, Boeing Model 40, Northwest Airmen and the Me 262, Boomers and Water Wagons, YB-17, Gooney Bird, 29pp. f $20.00

3-55, THE EXPRESS MESSENGER, September 1934, magazine, Vol XVII No. 3, 28pp., articles on stratosphere balloon flight, photos of Air Service airplanes, B-247 inaugurating International Express service. g $10.00

3-56, THE EXPRESS MESSENGER, May 1933, magazine, 1/2" tear on upper edge of front cover, article on B-247, Ford Tri-Motor in Sacramento. g $10.00

3-57, Green, William, WARPLANES OF THE THIRD REICH, 1973, LC 88-29673, 672pp., DJ with minor wear, this book is a classic reference. f SOLD

3-58,LOCKHEED HORIZONS, ISSUE 27, 1988, paper, Lockheed Aircraft from the Model G Hydo-aeroplane, paintings by O. Kuhni and Hodgson, 84pp., an art show in a magazine. f $20.00

3-59, Wallace, Lane E,FLIGHTS OF DISCOVERY, 1996, paper, large format, NASA SP-4309 History Series, 198pp., 50 years at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, excellent book on Dryden. $20.00

3-60, Sumrall, Robert F., IOWA CLASS BATTLESHIPS, 1988, DJ, 192pp., their design, weapons and equipment, very comprehensive treatment. f $35.00

3-61, Boyne, Walter J., THE AIRCRAFT TREASURES OF SILVER HILL, 1982 First Edition, DJ, 248pp. f $40.00

3-62, Boyne and Lopez, THE JET AGE - FORTY YEARS OF JET AVIATION, 1981 second printing, paper, 190pp. f $15.00

3-63, Bergaust, Erik, ROCKETS OF THE AIR FORCE, 1960, DJ, Ex-libris, 48pp., many photos $8.00

3-64, Foxsworth, Thomas, THE SPEED SEEKERS, First Edition in the United States, LC 74-3547, 0-385-06050-5, 560pp., a magnificent book, DJ has several short tears near spine. $90.00

3-65, SPORT AVIATION, August 1984, EAA magazine, $1.00

3-65, SPORT AVIATION, June 1976, NACA duct design article. $1.00

3-66, HEINKEL He 111 P & H, Aerodata International No. 12, softcover, 1979, 0-905469755, 221-240pp. $9.00

3-67, PROCEEDINGS - NAVAL REVIEW ISSUE, May 1970, paper, spine cocked, cover worn with small tears on spine, Naval Institute, reader $3.00

3-68, French, Joseph Lewis editor, WINGS OVER THE WORLD, 1931, foreword by Frank Hawks, flying stories, NDJ. g $22.50

3-69, Miller, John A., MEN AND VOLTS AT WAR - THE STORY OF GENERAL ELECTRIC IN WORLD WAR II, 1947 second printing, 272pp., text and photos, NDJ, bookplate on front endpaper and addtional plate label stating, "Presented by General Electric Company" g $7.50

3-70, Hamilton, Edwin T., COMPLETE MODEL AIRCRAFT MANUAL, 1933, DJ worn with fading and tears, fading to DJ spine and book spine, interior very clean with slight water stain on pp. 555 to end, 578. sold

3-71, Naylor and Owen, FLIGHT TODAY, 1936, Oxford University Press, NDJ, Ex-libris, 158pp., interesting text and photos such as Vickers Valentia. $8.00

3-72, Arnold, General H.H., GLOBAL MISSION, 1949 First Edition, NDJ, inked name on front endpaper, gold title block on spine is worn. g $25.00


3-74, Hildebrand, Arthur Sturgis, BLUE WATER, 1923, NDJ, 318pp., fold out map intact, cruising the "Caltha", endpapers yellowed. $8.00

3-75,THE BEST FROM YACHTING, 1967, NDJ, 309pp., clean. vg $10.00

3-76, Adams, Carsbie C., SPACE FLIGHT - SATELLITES, SPACESHIPS, SPACE STATIONS, AND SPACE TRAVEL EXPLAINED, 1958, NDJ, LC 58-8037, wow! Foreword by Dr. Wernher von Braun, 373 pp., $15.00

3-77, Roth, Hal, TWO ON A BIG OCEAN, 1972 First Printing, DJ, 288pp., The personal account of a man and woman who circumnavigated the Pacific - alone in a thirty-five-foot sailboat. vg $15.00

3-77, Hashimoto, Kikuo, THE WORLD AIRCRAFT IN COLOR - VOLUME TWO, 1973, Squadron Signal, printed in Japan, photos and magnificent profiles by Japanese artist K. Hashimoto, 32 airplanes, large format, 10 1/2" high by 15" wide, framable profiles for only $3 each. f $100.00

2-01, Linklater, Eric, THE VOYAGE OF THE CHALLENGER, 1974, paper, 288pp., 3-masted square rigged wooden ship HMS Challenger, 1872 voyage in the Pacific. g $6.00

2-02, Scammon, Charles M., THE MARINE MAMMALS OF THE NORTHWESTERN COAST OF NORTH AMERICA, 1968, Dover, paper, LC 68-54705, 1874 book, Together with an account of the American whale-fishery, 319pp., f $8.00

2-03, Thompson and campbell, MANUAL FOR AIRCRAFT HYDRAULICS - THEORY, MAINTENANCE, DESIGN, 1942, paper, spiral bound, 202pp., $1.00

2-06, Anderson, N.O.,PILOT'S AIRPLANE MANUAL - CIVIL AERONAUTICS BULLETIN NO. 27, 1940, 150pp., tattered cover. reader $3.00

2-06, Hisey, Lehmann, SEA GRIST - A PERSONAL NARRATIVE, 1922, Autographed by author, NDJ, five months in the Merchant Marine, "A rousing sea tale.", 251pp. g $10.00

2-07, Benson, Captain N.P., THE LOG OF THE EL DORADO, 1915, Capt. Benson's own story, spine loose but intact, neat little book about a sinking (thought I sold this, but it is still available). $9.00

2-08, Robertson, R.B., OF WHALES AND MEN, 1954, DJ poor, book-club, classic, $7.00

2-09, SALABLE PUBLICATIONS 1946-1951, ICAD, Montreal, Canada, 43pp., booklet. $2.00

2-10, Tomalin and Hall, THE STRANGE LAST VOYAGE OF DONALD CROWHURST, 1970, DJ edge wear, 317pp. vg $15.00

2-11, Loveless, Norman H., MODERN MOTOR BOATS AND YACHTS, 1951, NDJ, Boys Power and Speed Library, excellent book with good photos, 88pp., cover fair, contents clean. $10.00

2-12, French, Joseph Lewis editor, CONQUERORS OF THE SKY, 1932, DJ worn and torn, cover cloth bright, intro by Amerlia Earhart, 303pp., The Big Aviation Series, aviation events of the last year (1931). f $30.00

2-13, Bruno, Hary, WINGS OVER AMERICA, 1942 First Edition, DJ worn and tear, cover and text bright, saga of American aviation. f SOLD

2-14, Honour, Alan, TEN MILES HIGH TWO MILES DEEP, 1957, DJ, Ex-libris, front free endpaper missing, the adventures of the Piccards. POR 2-15, FRENCH FOR READING KNOWLEDGE, 1969 $2.00

2-16, Cook, Canfield, WINGS OVER JAPAN - A LUCKY TERRELL FLYING STORY, 1944, illustrated by Clayton Knight, pages yellowed, NDJ, 215pp. $4.50

2-17, Carter, C.C., SIMPLE AERODYNAMICS AND THE AIRPLANE, Fifth Edition, 1941, excellent book, NDJ, name in ink on fron free endpaper, some text underlining. Sorry Sold

2-18, THE KOKU-FAN APRIL 1973, Vol. 22 No. 5, paper, 182pp., entire issue dedicated to pictorial of the Bf 109, excellent reference work. $18.00

2-20 Black, Archibald, TRANSPORT AVIATION, 1926, NDJ, 245pp., covering all phases of the air transportation industry, stampings on pre-title page, inked name on back of fron free endpaper. SOLD

2-21, Holland, Rupert Sargent, HISTORIC AIRSHIPS, 1928, DJ torn and missing part on upper spine area, photos, ink illustrations, full color heroic paintings by M. de V. Lee.g See Rare Section Above

2-22, Davy, M.J.B., INTERPRETIVE HISTORY OF FLIGHT, 1948, second edition, NDJ, 191pp., Ex-Libris, Stanford University, little evidence of ex-lib status, spine cloth split one endge, excellent early aviation history with good photos including a pic of Wright at Rheims, rounding a pylon on Aug. 24, 1909. $40.00

2-23, Johns, Capt. W.E., BIGGLES OF THE CAMEL SQUADRON, undated, FDJ, 182pp., WWI novel, inked name on endpaper, somewhat yellowed pages reader $6.00

2-24, John, Capt. W.E., BIGGLES IN THE ORIENT, 1944, illustrated, WW2 novel, London, 180pp., cover poor, book good. $7.00

2-25, Harris and Leveque, BASIC CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH, Third Edition, University of Wisconsin, 1963, LC 62-12489, some inked notations, excellent method of presentation. $8.00

2-26, Page, Major Victor W., MODERN AIRCRAFT, 1928, NDJ, 855pp., a very thorough exposition of aircraft and equipment of 1928 such as a three-view of the Curtiss R3C-2 racer, clean text, cover shows wear, spine worn top and bottom. $50.00

2-27, Bercy, Paul, SIMPLE NOTIONS de FRANCAIS, 1894, French for children, Ex-libris, lots of ink drawings, edge wear, spine taped rebound, nice little book from the late 1800s for the price of a paperback. $7.00

2-28, Peyre, Seronde, NINE CLASSIC FRENCH PLAYS, 1936, Yale, NDJ, notations throughout, $6.00

2-30, Sargent, Shirley, YOSEMITE & ITS INNKEEPERS, 1975 First Edition, DJ, large format, 176pp., a superb history of Yosemite and its lodgings, one "ding" (1/4")on bottom of front cover. $40.00


2-33, DuCane, Peter, HIGH SPEED SMALL CRAFT, Third Edition, 1964, DJ, Ex-libris, an outstanding book, a standard work of reference from Vosper, 470pp., no disappointments with this book. reader $20.00

2-34, THE INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION OF INTERIOR DESIGN, Grosvenor Press, 1984, 0-946027-560, large format with a thick 777pp. $35.00

2-35, FLEET PERSONNEL 1949 - DIGEST OF STATISTICS NO. 19, SERIES FP-NO.3, 1951, paper, International aircraft fleet by country and airline, an airline reference source document, cover ratty. $5.00

2-36, Showell, J.P. Mallmann, U-BOATS UNDER THE SWASTIKA - AN INTRODUCTION TO GERMAN SUBMARINES 1935-1945, 1975, DJ, 0-668-03457-2, 167pp. f $20.00

2-37, GUN DIGEST - 34TH ANNIVERSARY - 1980 DELUXE EDITION, 1979, 0-695-81309-9, paper, large format, 464pp. $10.00

2-38, Calhoun, Bruce, NORTHWEST PASSAGE - VOLUME I, 1969, DJ, Pacific Nortrhwest cruising stories, large format, 240pp. f $40.00

2-39, BLACK KNIGHT INFORMER - ATTACK SQUADRON TWENTY THREE, May June July 1969, Vol. III No. II, paper, squadron newspaper of VA-23 aboard the Oriskany, quarto small. $4.00



2-42, Johnson, Brian, THE SECRET WAR, 1978, 0-458-93340-6, DJ, 352pp., bookplate on free endpaper, WWII technological ingenuity explored. f $45.00

2-44, GENERAL VIEW OF JAPANESE MILITARY AIRCRAFT IN THE PACIFIC WAR. TWO VOLUMES, ONE WITH ENGLISH TEXT, 1956, by Airview (Japan), 3-view silhouettes, fold out cutaways, NDJ $90.00

2-45, Francillon, Rene J., JAPANESE AIRCRAFT OF THE PACIFIC WAR, 1979 Second edition, 0-370-30251-6, 570pp. f $40.00

2-46, Chichester, Sir Francis, ALONG THE CLIPPER WAY, 1973, pbk. $2.00

2-47, Byth, Clay,THE IMPOSSIBLE VOYAGE, 1973, pbk. $1.50

2-48, Mowat, Farley, A WHALE FOR THE KILLING, 1973, pbk. $3.00

2-49, L'Amour, Louis, THE CALIFORNIOS, 1980, pbk. $2.00

2-50, Swanborough, Gordon and Bowers, Peter M., UNITED STATES NAVY AIRCRAFT SINCE 1911, 1968, DJ wear, printed in England, 518pp., the classic reference. f $40.00

2-51, Gann, Ernest K., BAND OF BROTHERS, 1973, DJ, LC 73-11828, 316pp. f $15.00

2-52, Sekigawa, Eiichiro, PICTORIAL HISTORY OF JAPANESE MILITARY AVIATION, 1974 First published, 0-7110-0375-0, 144pp., plus extensive photo sectioon, the evolution of Japanese military aviation. f $39.50

2-54-1, Fonck, Capt. Rene, ACE OF ACES, 1967, LC 67-17780, 164pp., top Allied Fighter Ace of WWI with 75 victories, first English translation. f $25.00

2-55, Loomis, B.F., ERUPTIONS OF LASSEN PEAK, 1966 Second revised edition, paper, 99pp., a photo story of a 1914 volcano. vg $9.00

2-56, Gosney, Michael, THE GRAY BOOK, 1990, paper, designing in B&W on your computer, 263pp. g $10.00

2-57, HENRY HUDDLESTON ROGERS COLLECTION OF SHIP MODELS - UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY MUSEUM, Revised edition 1971, 0-87021-268-0, one of the finest ship model collections in the world. f $30.00

2-58, Collier, Basil, JAPANESE AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR II, 1979 First American Edition, DJ, 144pp. f $30.00

2-59 Hoyt, Edwin P., THE BATTLE OF LEYTE GULF - THE DEATH KNELL OF THE JAPANESE FLEET, 1972, NDJ, Ex-libris (private) bookplate on front endpaper.g $10.00

2-60, Everett-Heathe, John, SOVIET HELICOPTERS - DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT AND TACTICS, 1988, DJ, 236pp., excellent reference. f $37.50

2-61, Zim, H., TREES - A GOLDEN GUIDE, 1956, paper, pocket-size. vg $3.00

2-62, Stroud, John, SOVIET TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT SINCE 1945, 1988, DJ some wear, LC 68-21860,318pp. f $25.00

2-63, Matthes, Francois, THE INCOMPARABLE VALLEY - A GEOLOGIC INTERPRETATION OF THE YOSEMITE, 1964 third printing, paper, 160pp., with mao. $10.00

2-67, Anderson, David,SIXTY YEARS OF AERONAUTIC AL RESEARCH 1917-1977, NASA, 1978, paper, 89pp. f $15.00

2-68, Greif, Martin, THE AIRPORT BOOK, , 1979 First Edition, DJ, 192pp. f SOLD

2-69, Love Jr., Robert William, THE CHIEFS OF NAVAL OPERATIONS, 1980, DJ, 448pp. mint

1-01, Higham and Siddell, FLYING COMBAT AIRCRAFT OF THE USAAF-USAF, 1975 First Edition, 0-8138-0325-X, 159pp. f $37.50

1-02, Higham, Robin and Williams, Carol,FLYING COMBAT AIRCRAFT OF THE USAAF-USAF - VOLUME 2, 1978 First Edition, 0-8138-0375-6 (v.2.), 201pp. f $37.50

1-03, Rubenstein and Goldman, TO JOIN WITH THE EAGLES - A COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED HISTROY OF CURTISS-WRIGHT AIRCRAFT FROM 1903 TO 1965, 1974 First Edition, DJ worn, 0-385-02794-X, 230pp. $37.50

1-04, Gibbs-Smith, C.H., FLIGHT THROUGH THE AGES, 1974, 0-690-00607-1, DJ tear repaired, quarto, 240pp., 300 line drawings. f $45.00

1-05, Rabl, S.S., SHIP AND AIRCRAFT FAIRING AND DEVELOPMENT - FOR DRAFTSMEN AND LOFTSMEN AND SHEET METAL WORKERS, 1941, paper, loose-leaf, "lines" for the China Clipper are included (M-130). SORRY SOLD

1-06, Cairis, Nicholas T., PASSENGER LINERS OF THE WORLD SINCE 1893, 1979, DJ, 226pp. f $25.00

1-07, Walker, Samuel I., UP THE SLOT, 1984 First Edition, NDJ, LC 83-83264, 292pp., self published, account of Pacific air war of WWII, 307th BG, 371st BS, photos. f SOLD

1-08, Stewart, Oliver, AVIATION - THE CREATIVE IDEAS, 1966 First Edition, DJ, 244 pp., inked name on front free endpaper, vg $25.00

1-09, Smith, Richard K., FIRST ACROSS - THE U.S. NAVY'S TRANSATLANTIC FLIGHT OF 1919, 1973, 0-87021-184-6, DJ. f SOLD

1-10, Florence, Ronald, ZEPPELIN, 1982, DJ, 0-87795-327-9, 370pp., a novel of 1936 and the Graf Zeppelin. f $20.00

1-11, WEAPONS AND WARFARE ENCYCLOPEDIA - VOL I, 1969, 112pp., A1/AMX $4.00

1-12, Ditto, VOL 11, K/Harpoon $4.00

1-13, Ditto, VOL 12, Harp/Holl $4.00

1-14, Ditto, VOL 20, Plo/Roy $4.00


1-16, Austin, Alan and Dicks, Anthony, GREAT FIGHTING PLANES, 1985, DJ, 0-517-00392-6, 207pp., 3-views and watercolor illustrations, nice f $20.00

1-17, EARLY FLIGHT, original articles and stories, 1987, DJ, 1-55521-227-1, 475pp. $12.00


1-19, Wright, Frank Lloyd,IN THE REALM OF IDEAS, 1988, paper, 191pp., 0-8093-1422-3. f $19.95

1-20, RARE. Wood, K.D., TECHNICAL AERODYNAMICS, Fourth printing 1934, 8 1/2" x 11", mimeograph, 2-hole punch bound, paper covers, very worn, Cornell University, later became standard text, 1933 was the first printing. $35.00

1-22, DESIGN DATA FOR AERONAUTICAL AND ASTRONAUTICS, 1962, NDJ, LC 61-17267, 581pp. plus charts (loose). $30.00

1-23, Gilbert, James, GREAT PLANES, 1970, DJ, LC 70-117510, 251pp., large format. $15.00

1-24, Wagner, Ray, THE NORTH AMERICAN SABRE, MacDonald Aircraft Monographs, 1963, 162pp., DJ back ratty, label on front free endpaper, all versions of the Sabre fully described, excellent F-86 ref. vg $25.00

1-25, Smith, Herschel, AIRCRAFT PISTON ENGINES - FROM THE MANLY BALTZER TO THE CONTINENTAL TIARA, 1981, DJ with short tear on back, 0-07-058472-9. f $37.50

1-26, HUGHES HELICOPTER FLIGHT TRAINING MANUAL, 1964, MODEL 300, 44 pp., paper. $19.00

1-27, Birdsall, Steve,LOG OF THE LIBERATORS, 1973, DJ worn, 0-385-03870-4, book-club, $20.00

1-28, Jablonski, Edward, FLYING FORTRESS - THE ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY OF THE B-17s AND THE MEN WHO FLEW THEM, 1965, LC 65-19886, DJ. $25.00

1-29, Preston, Antony,NAVIES OF WORLD WAR II, 1976, 0-600-36569-7, DJ, 224pp., an illustrated history f POR

1-30, Shores, Christopher and Ring, Hans, FIGHTERS OVER THE DESERT, 1969, DJ with teasr at spine, LC 79-89455, 256pp., printed Great Britain, North Africa fighter battles, June 1940 to December 1942. f SOLD

1-31, Butterworth, W.E., FLYING ARMY - THE MODERN AIR ARM OF THE U.S. ARMY - AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY FROM THE CIVIL WAR TO VIETNAM, 1971 FIRST EDITION, DJ edge wear, 196pp., ink stamped name on free endpapers. f $40.00

1-32, Green, William and Pollinger, Gerald,THE AIRCRAFT OF THE WORLD, 1965, DJ wear, large format, 360pp., inked name on title page, photos and 3-view silhouettes, the finest compendium. f $60.00

1-33, THE VOYAGE OF THE CHELYUSKIN, 1935, NDJ, Written by the members of the expedition, 325pp., translated from the Russian, polar expedition of 1933 and 1934, includes airmen's stories, ink stamped name on fron endpapers, spine and cover shows wear. An absorbing true story of adventure. g $20.00

1-34, Birdsall, Steve, FLYING BUCCANEERS - THE ILLUSTRATED STORY OF KENNEY'S FIFTH AIR FORCE, 1977 FIRST EDITION, DJ discoloration near spine, 0-385-03218-8, 312pp. f $SOLD

1-35, Hess, William N., FIGHTING MUSTANG: THE CHRONICLE OF THE P-51, 1970 FIRST EDITION, DJ some short teatrs & discoloration, 198pp., "A colorful illustrated history of the most versatile U.S. fighter of World War II.", 100 photographs, some discoloration near spine on endpapers which have a 3-view of the P-51D. g $35.00

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